Friday, August 27, 2010

Lalita Trishati Parayanam and Srichakra Meru in house

Dear Swami,
Iam doing the parayanam of lalitha trishati and sahasranama.. But Iam not initiated with any mantra... But my friend says that 'devotion that matters' and leave rest to devi and she will take care of rest. So Iam continuing my parayanam... But still when I read some books which says initiation is a must, I get confused

Is this right to do the chanting? Also can we keep Srichakra / Meru in our house?

First let me clarify - that "MY ANSWER TO THIS QUERY IS NOT GOING TO PLEASE MANY OF YOU ". But my Gurunathar has told me... "when you find something wrong - against Sasthras - record your objection and point out the mistake once. Even then if they continue, then its their fate"

So with my Gurus words Iam answering this query.

There is a difference between stotras and maala mantras... Stotras are praises of a particular deity and can be chanted by all... But certain stotras are called Maala Mantras which definitely needs initiation / upadesham for chanting. Any stotras which has Rishi and Nysam had to be taught by a Guru.

You have lots and lots of Stotras on every devata but people always want "the forbidden fruit"

People today are of "Know All" attitude and their Ego does not permit to get upadesham from a particular person as his/her Guru. (A small test if you get annoyed or irritated by reading this line, then please excuse me - you are also in the same zone)

Lalita Trishati is one such powerful Maala Mantra and only people having Srividya Upadesham can chant it. This is not for common folks...

Lalitha Trishati has 300 Names which is divided into 15 groups of 20 naamas each. The Srividya Moola mantram of Lalitha Maha Tripurasundari has 15 letters and for each letter 20 names are attributed and so 15 x 20 =300. So it is very obvious that initiation into Srividya is the basic qualification to Chant Trishati.

And you say your friend says "Devotion That Matters" - when devotion is the factor where does the question of breaking the rules come? A true devotee will never go against the will of his Lord. The same Lord say Lalita in your case have clearly instructed that this has to be secretly maintained and must be given only as upadesham.. So how can you act against Her instruction and gain pray to Her ?

Please read the Poorva Bagam and Uthra Bagam of Lalita Trishati. 

When Agasthya approaches Hayagreeva to teach him the important stotra (Lalitha Trishati), Hayagreeva hesitates because that one stotra is extremely secret.

Then Lalitha herself appears before Hayagreeva and asks him to teach Agasthya, the most secret of the stotras called Laltha Trishati. Then Hayagreeva teaches him the Lalitha Trishathi stotra.

When Agasthya himself is not exempted from Guru Upadesha, how can people like us take this as granted? 

And today we have Cassettes, CDs, MP3s and even Youtube having Trishati..... 

Doing things which are prohibited in the Sasthras will not only stop the results expected but also will yield Nishpalam ie Negative Effects.

Please understand.. IAM NOT THREATENING but iam talking out of consideration towards you... 

There are many "So called " Gurus who give permission to their disciples (?? !!) to chant whatever they want. They may say "No upadesham required"... Infact by saying so they become partners in sharing the sin. Who can give permission for acting against Shasthras ? 

Today many astrologers or the oracles simply suggest "Chant Trishati for 41 days" ; "Do Srichakra Puja" (They neither have any knowledge on what is Srichakra Puja nor who is Lalitha) 

My question is, for an ordinary headache a simple crocin or anacin will do.. you need not go for a brain surgery

Do not attempt to make any mistakes and then blame God.

Please understand Bhakti Maarga is Different from Mantra Marga or Upasana Maarga.... For being an Upasaka one needs bhakti but Being a Bhakta itself will not qualify you to act yourself as an upasaka. 

There are numerous other stotras on each and every deities which can be chanted by everyone- you can chant it heart-fully.. Instead of chanting the Stotras without upadesham, you chant all these stotras and pray to her that I only only this, Iam 200% sure that Devi will immediately bless you and grant all your wishes - BECAUSE OF YOUR SINCERITY

After reading all this.. do you want me to answer the the next question of keeping a Meru in the house ?

If there is atleast one  "YES" then I shall answer it


  1. I also had doubt about Lalitha Trisati to be changed by every one. Thanks for clarifying. Really appreciate your effort in putting this in your blog.

  2. I agree. Strickty forbidden. GReed and ahankar make people NOT take upadesha. First they need to be qualified . After many years of sadana and dedication they are even considered eligible for sri vidya ..................

  3. fully satisfied with the swamijis answer....

  4. great in answsr... its truly ya.... wkthout updasam this trishTi n names also made navative results for me.. . this lot guruji