Monday, August 30, 2010

Lalita Trishati Parayanam - Query continues....

After answering the query on Lalita Trishati, some of our devotees wanted to list out similar stotras which r not to be chanted without upadesham...

Vishnu Sahasranamam and Genaral Stotras like Loka Veeram, Shyamala Dhaandakam etc can be chanted irrespective of any criteria...

But how is it possible to list out the Stotras ? Stotra Collection s is like a huge ocean. It is impossible to list all the Stotras which need initiation.

A simple way to find it out is that all the Stotras which needs upadesham Starts with
"Asya Shree................mantrasya...... rishi etc.
(Remember ? there is one mantram called Gayatri which you got as upadesham from your father. Before chanting this mantram you used to do nyasas)
and having beeja mantrams (ie like Hreem Aim etc)

All other slokas donot have any bar and anyone can chant it.

And  the following popular Stotras which are now chanted just like that 100% needs upadesham
Varahi Nigraha + Anugrahashtaka
Durga Saptashati ie Devi Mahatmyam
Lalita Sahasranama
Lalita Trishati
Indrakshi Stotram
Saubhagya Ashtottara
Kartaviryarjuna mantram
Sudharshana Mantram
Shri Maha Sasthur Anugraha Kavacham
Kirathashtakam of Sastha
Subramanya Shatru Samhara Trishati

And there is a propaganda that a person who has got Gayatri Mantra Upadesham can directly chant Lalita Trishati or Sahasranama... I dont know who gave the permission...

Unless there is an explicit reference in the Shastras you cannot take things for granted. A person with Gayaptri mantra Upadesham can very well chant Gayatri Sahasranamam (which is least bothered) and how can he claim mastery over some other area in which he has not given any right?

Donot try to compromise with Mantra Sasthra and try to act smart...
You can very well read all these texts and no one can stop you...

But that may be like reading a story book the net result will be nothing....


  1. Is it alright to chant, AdiSankara's composed stotra without initiation?

  2. Ofcourse ! You can very well chant those

  3. does this mean one cannot chant lalitha sahasranama without updesham ? i chant this by reading from a book. how do i get updesham/initiation from a guru for this purposes ?

  4. Dear sir,
    Your answers made me happier. In India, many scholars are Misleading people by printing "rahasya Naama Saahasram" and "sapta shatee", which're being read by thousands of people without initiation. Thanks for the wonderful "brave" answers.

    Srividyaananda naatha