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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sastha in Egypt

Iam always repeating one statement wherever I go. "Sastha was the only God whose worship was widespread throughout the world"...

Once I mentioned about Mt. Shasta at United States and the form of Lord Sastha worshiped there by native Indians. Some of our friends took interest on my words and went to Mount Shasta at United States. They informed me that it is a holy place according to the native Indians and there is a holy spring there which would destroy one's sin. Its still regarded as a mystic spot.

Even with Greek mythology we find name like EriSatha. Which is again a distorted pronunciation of Sastha or Saathan.

Today evening Shri. Sastha Gopal sent me an excellent discovery made by Dr.Jayakumar. It is a text from ancient Egypt. It is from a region called Kazir al Khadim from the Red Sea Area....

This is estimated to belong between 2nd century BC and 2nd century AD. It is a text- lipi found in an old papyrus in Egypt reading 'SATHTHAN'

Saththan is a Tamil representation of the name Sastha. In old Tamil texts Sastha is mentioned as Sathan. Even in a Tevaram Shiva is attributed as "Sathanai Maganai Vaithaar" - One who has Sathan (Sastha) as his son.

It is a written script of a trader who has written his name... So unless the name Saastha is widespread and popular one will not have this as his name. So even before 2000-2500 years ago the name of Sastha was popular even at Egypt.

Om Sarva Desikaaya Nama - One who the Lord all the Deshams...

Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa