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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mandala Kaalam

Swamy Sharanam

Mandala Kaalam is starting tomorrow... Let all of us try to follow strict Vrutham without any compromise...  Only then we can "demand" divya darshanam from our Ayyappan.

A personal request :
DO NOT venture into anything without proper guidance from Guru - just by reading in any magazine or book.

DONOT skip anything just because you are not aware of it. Try to learn from other devotees.

Please take the advise of senior & sincere Guruswamys...

Ive already written a lot about this.. Iam reposting one of such articles here

Also we request all Guruswamy's to be strict with their disciples.

Needi Sastram says, 'sishya (krutam) papam gurum vrajeth'. That is the effect of the sins of omission and commission by the Sishya, accrues to the Guru. That means that, the Guru not only takes the responsibility to teach the disciple, but also maintaining them in an acceptable level of discipline. He is concerned, not only about the behaviour but also the attitude. If he does not live upto his undertaking, he is punishable. The Guru has to suffer for not having corrected the Sishya.

One of the seniour Guruswami once told me during our Maala dhaaranam, "Bhagawan has decided and given you this Guru Sthaanam. If you are not satisfied with the person - you need not put maala to him; You can plainly refuse this. Similarly there is nothing wrong to refuse to fill the irumudi - if you know that his vrutham is not complete.  No dhosham will occur to you."

So the major responsibility lies with the Guruswamys... Please ensure that without minimum 41 days vrutham please do not entertain any of your disciples to climb the holy hill.

I know this may earn displeasure among the devotees - But Ayyappan will definitely be pleased with you and automatically all the true devotees will be with you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012