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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sastha and Buddha

Received the following article from a friend / devotee who wanted an explaination regarding the logic and substance of this article.

I ve already dealt this subject in my book Maha Sastha Vijayam in detail

Anyway Ive answered it again in brief.

The portions given in "Yellow" belongs to the original article and my answers are given in white color: 

Aravind Subramanyam

Sabarimala sasta

The Sabarimala Temple 

was once a temple dedicated to Buddha. 
It can be inferred from the following.

The deity there is Sasta. 
Sasta is one of the names of Buddha. 

मुनीन्द्र: श्रीधन: शास्ता मुनि: शाक्यमुनिस्तु य:/
स शाक्यसिंह: सर्वार्थसिद्ध:
शौद्धोदनिश्च स: /
गौतमश्चार्कबन्धुश्च मायादेवीसुतश्च
स:  //

Just because Amarakosha says Sastha is one of the names of Buddha does it mean Sabarimala temple is a Buddist temple? Even Gautama is the name of a puranic rishi; 

so does it mean Gauthama (husband of Ahalya) is Buddha?
Let us be logical; (If Kamal hassan is called Azhwarpettai Andavan by his fans does it mean he is God?)

Amarakosha list many more names; So will they claim more temples?

We need to understand history before taking a stand; Amarasimma (author of the above mentioned Amarakosha) was basically a jain; 

He wanted to criticize Budda wherever possible; One of the famous name of buddha is "Thathagata" - which is nowhere to be seen in this list;
Instead Amarasimma mischievously attributed "Thathagata" to Mahaveera of Jainism. So can we assume Buddha and Mahaveera are one and the same?.

Pilgrims who visit the temple go on chanting –swamiye saranamayyappa.

Saranam here has come from the Buddhist refrain like this.

बुद्धम् शरणम् गच्छामि

धम्मम् शरणम् गच्छामि
संघम् शरणम् गच्छामि

Another absurd argument. Just because of the word "Sharanam" its buddism? 

The word Sharanam - is'nt a copyright material of Bhuddism; Even before Buddhism, even before Buddha our Hindu system had Sharanagati Tathwam.

Vedas declare : "Durgam deveem Sharanamaham Prapatye" and Bagawat geetha says "Maam ekam Sharanam Vraja"

We have an ancient text acclaiming "Swamin Sharanam Aryapa" - for the 51 Matruka Aksharams - this is the origin of "Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa"


Buddhism does not recognize any caste

system.  Everyone is equal to a Sudra of the Hindu System.

Who said buddism doesnt have caste system ? 

Buddhism in India, like other religions, has attempted to reform and create a society without classes. Nevertheless, in some parts of India such a Ladakh, with significant historical presence of Buddhists, a caste system existed in a manner similar to caste structure in Tibet. The upper castes belonged to sger gzhis, and were called sgar pa. The priestly caste belonged to monastery, and were called chos-gzhis. Miser were the serf caste. Serfs, the majority of the people, farmed and paid taxes. An individual's social status and lifelong occupation was destined by birth, closed, and depending on the family one was born into, the individual inherited a tenure document known as khral-rten. Buddhist castes had sub-castes, such as nang gzan, khral pa and dud chung. Buddhist also had castes that were shunned by their community and ostracized, such as hereditary fishermen, butchers and undertakers. The untouchables in Buddhist regions, as in Tibet, were known as Ragyappa, who lived in isolated ghettos, and their occupation was to remove corpses (human or animal) and dispose of sewage


In the Hindu system caste is called Varna.  Varnaalso means color.  Here the caste is recognized by the color of

the dress one wears.

Brahmins wear white dress.
Khatriyas wear red dress.
Vaishyas wear yellow dress.
Sudras wear black dress.

Varna = Caste and Varna = Color; Best comedy award of this decade goes to this piece; Oh my God ! I really wonder the author's imagination.

In which text its given people wore dress according to their caste ? 

Argument for the sake of Argument; Nothing else

So all pilgrims going to Sabarimala
wear black dress.

The color dress of Sabarimala is to indicate one is in Vrutham and dark colors is preferred for stay in forest terrain and to protect one from wild animals.

Its an ageold practice that once you reach Pampa one is supposed to wear only Shwetha Vastram. Today due to convince these color dresses are preferred.

Sastha is called as "Bauddha Sanga Vinasanaaya Nama:" - He who annihilated the clan of Buddhists 

Thats my answer to this argument

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lalithayin Kathai (New Edition)

After getting overwhelming response and appreciation, by the grace of Gurunatha, the Third Edition of my book, "Shri Lalithayin Kathai" has come out with a new look. The responses from the devotees from all quarters was unbelievable that has encouraged us to bring out the Third edition of the book with additions.

The new edition of the book has more information and more pages.

Lalitopakhyana of Brahmanda Purana describes the greatness of Lalithambika. This story was given by Lord Hayagriva to sage Agastya.

The story of Lalithambika is brought in Tamil as " Shri Lalithayin Kathai " , for the devotees of Lalithambika who are are interested in learning the divine mother's story but do not understand Sanskrit.

This book discusses precisely the story of Lalitha, with Shri Lalitha Sahasranamam as the base.

The first edition was released on 2009 and all the copies were sold within a span of 7-8 months... The second edition was released on June 2011 and Again the responses from the devotees and upasakas encouraged us to bring out the Third edition of the book.

Worshipful Acharyas of Kanchi and Shringeri has blessed the book with their Blessing Note.

Contemplating on the divine leelas of devi, gives one the taste of divine nectar itself .
Interested devotees may avail this opportunity and obtain the divine grace of Shri Matha.

A copy of Shri Puram - Devi's lokam is enclosed with the book

The cost of the book is Rs.100/-(+ courier charges Rs.40 within Tamilnadu and Rs.60 for North India).

Those who need a copy may contact:
V. Aravind, 94 B, Third Street, Tatabad, Coimbatore 12
Ph: 99946 41801 Email: aravindsai at gmail dot com

You may send MO or DD or Cheques in Favour of "V.Aravind Subramanyam" to the above address and can obtain the copy of the book through post or courier

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thiruppugazh Pappa

Iam in the process of collecting the life sketches of senior Guruswamys of yester years. I thought of including it in the next book to be released around June.

While collecting these information, our friend Shri. Balasubramanya Iyer, (our Bombay Balu) gave me the details of this wonderful personality Shri.Papa mama. Please find below a brief sketch on the life of Shri. Thiruppugazh Pappa
Siddha purushas rarely exhibit their powers, though their greatness is experienced through the results of their actions which always turn out beneficial to mankind.One such soul to have traversed this earth was Shri Subbaraman. Known to all in the spiritual field as Thirupugazh Papa, a veritable giant who used be requested to sing Thirupugazh even by Sri Kripananda Variar Swamigal, he was a great Ayyappa bhakta who inspired many to undertake pilgrimage to Sabarimalai .

Strict observance to austerities and total surrender to the Lord was has mantra.In those days ,there used to be discussions on various topics in Valiyaanavattam during the Makaram season amongst eminent Guruswamis. During such a session of discussion on mantra Shakti , Papa mama gave a masterly one and half hour discourse on the potency of the mantra " Sharanam Ayyappa".

In Valiayanavattam, after one of his meditation sessions, he compiled the 18 namaskara shlokams that all Ayyappa devotees in Mumbai follow to this date.They are as follows

  • First five - Shastha Pancharatnam : -Starting with Loka Veeram Mahapujyam and ending with Pandyesha vamsha Tilakam

  • First six strotrams from Shastru Shatakam : -Starting with Shabrigirinivaasam upto Shabarigiri kuteeram 

  • First seven shlokams from Shastha Bhujangam : -Starting with Shritaananda Chintamani upto Maha yoga peetojwalantam mahantam.

It is noteworthy that 18 namaskara shlokams compiled by him end with the shloka Mahayogapeetojwalantam mahantam. If we dedicate one namaskara to each thiru sopanam, on the eighteenth,we merge with the Lord with the stotra Mahayoga peetojwalantam Mahantam. What a great compilation this has been to mankind !

Born in the year 1920, the self made giant amongst devotees ,employed with Life Insurance Corparation Of India, devoted his entire life  to singing soul stirring Tirupugazh bhajans, Thevarams, Tiruppavai and Divya nama sankeerthanams. Songs like " Tripuram Eriththa Sadasivan tanaya " were spontaneous outpourings of the great soul at Valiayanavattam during live bhajan sessions .His annual bhajan at Sannidhanam on 14th January was a veritable treat to hear. 

Once while returning from pilgrimage, at a Railway station,when the train was late, he enthralled all present at the station with a soul stirring bhajan session . That God is manifested everywhere was truly realised by this great soul.   

It would be unworthy of me if I do not mention the services rendered by his wife the late  Sarada Subbaraman to the Ayyappa devotees who would virtually live in their house during the whole mandala season.Never a day would pass without her cooking and serving Annam to the devotees with utmost love.Never has a person returned from their house unfed.She climbed the holy eighteen steps with a recovering leg fracture exactly one month before she breathed her last on 23rd December 2000 . An act of ultimate surrender to the Almighty. 

Papa mama never attached himself to any group, but was respected by all Guruswamis alike, a rarity indeed.He used to accompany Guruswami Kambankudi Meenakshi Sundaram Iyer to Shabarimalai .Myriad are the experiences of each and every one who had the benefit of his contact.All the bhajan bhagavathars today hold him in high esteem. He was to have rendered pravachanams on Guruvaayoorappan, Shaasthaa and more, but merging with Lord Shabarigirivaasan took precedence.

He knew of the inexorable destiny of the body a year before and expressed the same to Guruswami Meenakshi Sundaram Iyer of the same when he declared that the next year he would be seen merged with Shabarigirivaasan and verily Papa mama shed his mortal coil on 06/10/1974 as stated by himself.

Even today, all Ayyappa devtoees strictly follow the 18 namaskara shloka sequence laid by him and many have found the same to efficacious. The 18 namaskara shlokas recited daily are a mantra to the devotee.

Let Lord Shabarigirivaasan shower blessings on all of us.

Sastha Preethi and Hariharaputra Samrajya Pattabhishekam

Sastha Preethi and Hariharaputra Samrajya Pattabhishekam

Respected Devotees,

Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam feels privileged to write a few lines to everyone of you.

By the divine blessing as the guiding force, we are stepping into this year's pooja celebration - to be conducted as 2 days program at Shri Ayyappan Puja Sangam, Ramnagar, Coimbatore.

Pujas of yester years were a Mega success,by the grace of Lord Ayyappa. This became possible ONLY due to your overwhelming response, moral and financial support.

This year, ive attached the invitation copy for the festival : 

The glorious SASTHA PREETHI in the traditional way falls on 15th June, Saturday, starting with Vanji Paattu, Sastha Puja and then Varavu...This is followed by Procession, Nama Sankeerthanam in the evening.

The unique : MAHA SASTHA BHUVANESHWARA PATTABHISHEKAM ie Maha Sastha Pattabhishekam is on 16th June Sunday - by traditional way with homam and puja.

(Written a brief account on this event below)

Please make yourself convenient and be present for both the days with all support.
We earnestly request all devotees to attend this auspicious pooja and get the blessings of Lord Sastha.

Those who wish to contribute to this Puja, may send Cheque / MO / DD in favour of :
"Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam" to V. Aravind Subramanyam, Thejovathy, 94 B, Third Street, Tatabad, Coimbatore 12. Ph: 099946-41801

Or You may pay directly to our Bank Account :
Name: "Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam"
Karur Vysya Bank A/c No. 1121 135 822
Nanjappa Road Branch
Canara Bank A/c No. 2988 101 015671
PSG Arts College Branch

Devotees who donate can mail us your Name and Nakshatram and the Address so that it will be included in the Puja and we can send you the prasadam.

Looking forward to your active support to clebrate this function of "OUR" Lord.
Contributions in way of Cash or Kind / Materials :

Flowers Rs. 5,001 (Per Session)
Puja Materials Rs.5,001 (Per Session)
Ashwa Puja, Go Puja Rs. 5001
Materials such as Rice Bags, Vegetables, Milk, Coconuts,Oil tin, Ghee tin etc
Annadhanam (Full Contribution) Rs.75,000 (Per Day) or
Annadhanam (Part Contribution) Rs.10,000

(All these are indicative only) Any small contribution to the above event would make it very successful and obtain the blessing of Lord Dharma Sastha.

For Details You may Contact
Ph: 099946 41801

With the boundless blessings of Our Baktha Paripala Sri Maha Sastha, and blessings of Ayyappa Bhaktha Ratnam ,Kalpathy Sri C.V. Srinivasa Iyer (my Great Grandfather), last year's great event of “Hariharaputhra Brahmana Santarpana Vaibhavam” was a life time experience and without the divine grace event of such magnitude could event be dreamt of.

This year, Shri Mahasasthru Seva Sangam, has ordained to perform the unique event of “Maha Sastha Pattabhishekam” and the annual Sastha Preethi Mahotsavam, on June 15 & 16, 2013.

Maha Satha Pattabhishekam 16-06-2013:

The Karunyam of the Almighty, Sri Maha Sastha is immeasurable. Our gratitude to the Great Lord can be expressed in many ways.

Maha Sastha Pattabhishekam - its crowning Lord Sastha as the master of the universe.

This episode of Maha Sastha Pattabhishekam  is well explained in ancient texts like Japyeshwara Mahathmyam and Kanchi Puranam.

Lord Maha Sastha is the supreme of all Gods, the ultimate. So Lord Parameshwara decided to create a new world for him. He summonned Vishwakarma and asked him to create a beautiful world for the Lord Sastha. The place was beautified with Karpaga Vircham, Gold, Diamonds, fine plantations, singing birds, rivers carrying precious stones, blooming lovely gardens, and a palace decorated with the Navarathnas. The place was exquisite in its beauty and was lustrous with divine light and hence it was named "Thejovathy" (The same place is also known as Ponnmbalam or Kantha Malai)

Lord Shiva decided to crown Lord Sastha as Bhuvaneshwara ie the master of the Bhuvanas (cosmos).

The thirty three million Devas from all worlds, Ganapathi, Kanthan, Brahmam along with Gayathri, Savithri, Saraswathi, Lord Maha Vishnu along with Bhoo Neela, Shri Devi, Lord Paramashivan with Parvathi were present there to participate in the glorious event. The Ashtadikpalakas (Lords of the eight directions), Saptha Rishis came there and worshipped the Lord on this occasion.

All the Vahanas, Parivaras of Sastha and all the four Vedas assembled there with deep devotion and prayed Lord Sastha.

On an auspicious Muhurtham Lord Shiva himself came forward and made Lord Sastha sit on  the golden throne and performed him the Pattabishekam and thus crowning him as the master of the universe.

All clan of divine and human beings praised the glory of the Lord and Bagawan Sastha showered his grace to everyone who were present there.

It’s not a regular puja or celebaration but a religious Yagyam which would happen only by the divine grace and which would directly get us the grace and blessings of the Lord.

Another splendid event of Sapta rishi puja is also going to happen at the end of Pattabhishekam -  This is an out of the world experience for anyone to witness. All the seven rishis are invoked and they offer their salutation to the Lord after his pattabhishekam. A very rare oppurtunity to witness.

This Splendid Event of “Maha Sastha Bhuvaneshwara Pattabhishekam”, according to my knowledge, is the FIRST OF ITS KIND to take place.

If anyone wants to experience the “divinity”, this is probably the only place for that.

So, the Bhakthas who are taking part in this magnificent event can be assured of obtaining the limitless blessings of Sri MahaSastha and getting all their prayers fulfilled.
May Lord Hariharaputra be with you always, giving you the best of everything.
Swamy Sharanam
V.Aravind Subramanyam

Sunday, March 3, 2013

An appeal

Swamy Sharanam

The blog Sanathana Dharma and the publications of our Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam is mainly to educate people regarding the Ayyappa cult. The contents of these are result of so many years of hard work, research and knowledge. It was brought to our notice that some people have taken material from our blog and reproduced it on other avenues without getting our permission or without any mention of the original source.

Also our book "Shri Maha Sastha Vijayam" is reproduced in some other name and the book is being marketed. 

Our hard work and effort becomes meaningless if the credit goes to someone else. We do take strong objection to these practices.These books (in Tamil, English and Telugu) which are direct reproduction and verbatim copy of our book. The readers are not to be misled that it is the original work of the "author". We have sent notifications to those who we think are potentially plagiarizing writings from our books for commercial purposes. 

All our books are published by "Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam". So we request all the readers to make sure that the books are published by us. The back cover contains the clear photograph of the author (Aravind Subramanyam and the publisher name  "Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam")

Our request to our readers is only this - dont support plagiarism and be cautious while purchasing our books. 

May Lord Hariharaputra be with you always, giving you the best of everything.

Swamy Sharanam
V.Aravind Subramanyam