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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Puja Room

Guruji, Iam building a new house and I want it 101% Vasthu compliant.. I wish to know from you regarding the location of Puja rooms in the house according to Vasthu.

Swamy Sharanam

It seems you are too much obsessed with Vasthu.. Vasthu Sasthram is an ancient system created for peaceful living in a house.. But nowadays people are literally exploited in the name of Vasthu..

You want your house 101% Vasthu compliant... But first one must understand its  200% impossible in today's life. A simple example - according to "real" Vaasthu - toilets are supposed to be located far way from the house.(an arrow shot distance is what prescribed). Having toilets inside the living house is totally against Vasthu.. But we are used to the system and its really impossible for us...

Moreover with the invention of Apartments and flat systems - Vasthu is totally meaningless. (And I still wonder how people suggest Vasthu for flats and apartments)

And  the best part here is the confusion - because of the fusion of Indian- Chinese and Western systems. We can see Mahalakshmi, A Frog, laughing buddha etc at each corner.. The only good which I see is - these toys are beautiful show pieces.


When you are sincere in doing your nitya pujas, the entire Gruhamis blessed and no dosham is affected. Even if any, it gets rectified automatically.

So instead of trying to have 101% on Vasthu let us try to be atleast 50% sincere in doing our nitya karmas and nitya Poojas.

But its really happy that you are interested in having a separate pooja room. In most of the houses we may have even 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms - But there may be a small 2x2 puja shelf or rather NO puja room.

Its really nice to have a separate puja room - where you can do the aradhana of your ishta devata. And coming to the direct answer for your question - there are certain "No compromise" - points while constructing a separate puja room.

Try to have the puja room in the eastern or northen side and Never on the southern corner. If the house is quite bigger, the center place is the best spot for puja room. Its best to have the Lord facing East- West. You may do your puja facing east - west or north and never facing south.

Puja rooms should always be on the ground floor and not on the basement or first floor.

And see to it that there is no toilets directly above- below or immediately adjacent to the puja room. (those who cannot afford a separate puja room and who are worshipping the lord in a small shelf or platform - please avoid bedrooms for this purpose and rather you may keep it inside the kitchen especially on the north east corner)

When you have a separate puja room - please make sure that you have a wooden double door ! Please maximum try to avoid things made of iron inside the puja room.

And no windows or ventilators inside the puja rooms.

Understand that the devotion is the most important thing to be filled inside the puja room. Let your puja room be charged with divinity and grace flowing...

My best wishes for your new house and May Lord Hariharaputra shower His blessings on you for a happy living !!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moola Mantra Upadesham

After our Hariharaputra Santarppanai, many people have developed interest towards(??) moola mantram and many Guruswamis told me that they are getting requests from various quarters to give moola mantra upadesham.

A Guruswamy felt very much that some people claimed that they know the moola mantram very well , becoz they have the ________ book published by _______

Shri. Subramanyam from Chennai wanted me to thro some light in this area..

And Iam coming back to the blog after a long gap.

Moola mantram is not an easy joke to be given just like that... (and people who have received it easily - have failed miserably). These Secret Mantras only when got through a Guru from a true sampradayam and Guru Parampara, will have the power of the potency of these mantras. 

Of late it has become a fashion to claim to be an upasaka of X or Y deity... And people are running after moola mantras without even knowing what is the power of moola mantras. 

Ive already explained it a lot:

Especially when it comes to Lord Sastha, HIS moola mantram is something more than one's life and cannot be imparted to immature souls.

Shastras Prescibe a lot regarding Mantra Upadesham - the rules for both Guru and Sishys. Iam sharing a basic idea given in the scriptures.

A person who has the desire to know the - WHO IS HE - why I took birth - where am I going - what is actually Moksham (liberation from Life & death cycle) - who will guide him throughout his life

When all these question arises, one has to approach a Guru who will guide him. Only after this the real test begins... Spiritual Knowledge is not an easy task. Its beyond imagination and one can ever find out.

Just because a person is asking, a true Guru will not give the upadesham immediately. And asking once is not enough... the Sishya has to repeatedly plead the Guru for the Upadesham. True guru bhakti is in obeying and following the upadesham and instructions of your Guru And most important thing at this phase is : Do the deeds ordained by the Guru and dont chase after his actions or try to imitate him. (this is the first phase)

After this stage the Guru will closely(and silently) observe the Sishya regarding his activities and anushtanams. If he is satisfied, he further waits to see the sishya's interest and persistence in getting the mantram. Only after this the mantra upadesham is imparted. (But most of the disciples fail during this phase)

Only after all these a Guru decides to give the mantra upadesham to the chosen sishya.

The best time for mantropadesham are the times of the solar and lunar eclipses. Receiving mantropadesham or doing japamfor mantrasiddhi during the times of the eclipse could obtain the fruits early.

Apart from Grahanam, mantropadesham can be had on the day of Sangramanam ie the first day of the Tamil Month. The six months of Uttarayanam ie from the month of thai to Aani is considered to be Uthamam for mantra upadesham. (Which means the next six months are considered only after this) 

And the period of shukla pakSham is auspicious time for mantropadesham .

One has to be very careful while chanting the mantras with correct and clear pronunciation. Especially during mantropadesham - because only very very fortunate person will get to know the Moola mantras. And the person who is now a Shishya of that Guru must not, at any cost disclose the Moolamantra to anyone. 

The essence of the Guru is to remove the ignorance by showing him the Lord by way of upadesham. And the essence of the disciple is a keen eagerness, a great desire to be free from ignorance—ie Ego—and attain the ultimate wisdom. Unless there is this willingness, this deep eagerness to attain the wisdom, then the disciple is no disciple

The best guru dakshina that can be offered to any Guru is a life lived in accordance with the Guru’s teachings.

My humble pranams at the Lotus feet of my Guru