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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tribute to Sri. Vancheeswara Iyer

Baktaparipala Parahbrahmane nama:

Ayyappa Bakta Rathnam Sri.Vancheeswara Iyer, our beloved Vaanchi mama attained the lotus feet of Lord Dharma Sastha early this morning.  Mama was probably the last link with the Pazha malaikkars of Sabarimala. He was a great scholar and an encyclopedia of Ayyappa Cult. He was one of the primary disciples of Punalur Subramanya Iyer  (Punalur Thatha) and remained his most trusted Shishya. He undertook his first sabarimala yathra at a very young age of 4 and has completed nearly 90 Makara Vilaku Darshanams which is near to impossible. He was a naishtiga brahmachari and dedicated his entire life to the worship of Lord Dharma Sastha.  

He was  not only an ardent devotee but, a  great scholar, a teacher par excellence and a strict Guru. A great Upasaka of Sastha, helped many many devotees with his guidance. He is very much known and popular for his Acharas and it was quite common to see him scolding some one or the other. The best part is even the people who get scolded never took it personally but in turn enjoyed it to receive it from him. Right from dolikaars to Vedhic scholars- he was held in high regard by all the devotees invariably. 

He was also an authority in Sastha Paattu and had a massive collection of manuscripts of these songs.  
Vanchi Mama has been one of the guiding spirit behind all the activities of our Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam. We had a great opportunity to get associated with this noble soul. We are blessed to honor him during our annual Sastha Preethi Mahotsavam at Coimbatore. He was ever enthusiastic with our entire team and participated in many of our activities like the Sastha Preethi at Achankovil temple premises, Our pujas at Coimbatore and Periyanavattam Pujas and Bhajans. For the last few years - Mama made it a point to be with us and sing for us at Periyanavattam Makara Jothy Bhajan, inspite of his ill health.  His song "kanavinil Kanda Ummai" still echos in our ears

Our Sangam, offers ananta koti namaskarams to Sri Vancheeswara Iyer and prayers to Lord Manikanda to grant solace to all the disciples to bear the immense loss. 

Periyanavattam will definitely miss an obedient son, a strict grandfather and a humble servant of Lord Ayyappa.

Hariharaputram Sadhaa Bhajeham
Aravind Subramanyam