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Monday, May 10, 2010


Raja Shyamala or Raja Matangi is the Minister - Mantrini of Goddess lalitha Parameshwari. She was created by Lalitha from HER sugar cane bow during HER battle with Bandasura. She rules the Empire(the Cosmos) on behalf of “Para Bhattarika” Herself as indicated in Lalitha Sahasranam as
“Mantrini Nyasta raajya dhoo” and also bears the sovereign Mudra modiram (the ring of the Queen).

Matangi represents the mind and its activities. 'Vishanga', who represents the crooked mind was killed by HER.

She has eight arms holding: paddy-past karmas, lotus-mind in worldly activity, paasha -love, ankusa-anger, japa mala and books - knowledge, and the veena -yoga. Her right foot is down indicating must do sadhana in the world by looking at her manifestation.

The devotees of Matangi is known to be blessed with Her grace of proficiency in poetry, Music, Dancing and other fine arts—thus they become highly learned in their chosen field.

The Lalithopakhyana gives a wonderful collection of names of Matangi.

Sangeeta yogini shyama shyamala mantra nayika
mantrini sachiveshani pradhaneshi shukapriya
vina vati vainiki cha mudrini priyakapriya
nipapriya kadambeshi kadamba vanavasini

sadamada cha namani shodashaitaini kumbhaja

One who recites this strotra can conquer all the three worlds