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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Embodiment of Grace

It was the beginning of the Nandana Varsham - a very special day in my life.  All over the world people celebrate the new year. On my way return trip from Muscat to India, we landed directly to Trivandrum and proceeded to Kallidaikurichi. The next day we had planned to visit Sabarimalai. 

Each and everytime I visit any of His Shrine - the experience is unique ! This happens right from my childhood - from day one when I had the marvelous chance of knowing Him at the shrine of Aryankavu - when I was 7 years old.  At that time, He chose to appear to me in one of His more beautiful forms: a majestic King who is the master of universe. There I could realize a bondage with HIM - that I had never felt before.

Since then I cannot be the same as before. He has taken over me - taking care of me - making me do things. Each darshan takes me to me to another stage of consciousness! A sense of complete submission takes over when I stand in front of him-  At Pazhavur, at Kochi, Kallidaikurichi, Bhoo Sastha and many other places.

But this time - to be frank - even I never expected such a grace ! This time after my Muscat visit we directly came to Kallidaikurichi in the company of several other devotees from Abudabi, Dubai and Muscat. From there we visited Achankovil, Aryankavu, Kulathupuzhai and finally came to Pampa. The group had almost 22 members and nearly 10 Kanni Ayyappans, I thought of going first and make the arrangements. I took Shankar(from Muscat) along with me and started proceeding towards Sannidhanam. For the next 1½ hours I really had a very tough time - with unusual palpitation - literally gasped for breath every 100 feets. However, shortly after hearing "Shree Kovil Nada Thurannu" at 5.00 PM when the shrine was opened for the evening pujas - I felt strangely overcome. I found electrically charged and proceeded towards the sannidhanam. 

As soon as we reached Sannidhanam - it was impossibly crowded, to my acute surprise. Anyhow I could get the Darshan within 10 minutes and I came near Nagaraja Shrine and was standing on the steps nearby waiting for others. 

My Mind was thinking about this year's magnificent Puja to be conducted during June 2012. This year we have planned to perform the great event of “Hariharaputhra Brahmana Santarpana Vaibhavam” on June 15. 

To my limited knowledge - This Splendid Event of “Hariharaputhra Sandharpana”,is happening for the first time in the Spiritual history. So I was a little tensed thinking about this. (details given here

Hariharaputhra Santarpana has a special significance. 120 Brahmin Upasaskas of the Lord are brought together and they are worshiped considering them as the Lord SASTHA Himself. Its a religious Yagyam proposed to be performed in a strictly religious way, invoking the presence of Lord Hariharaputra.

I was mentally thinking about the purchases to be made for the event - which Ive completed long before leaving the country. The only thing remaining was "Poonal" - Yagnyopaveetham to be given to the Brahmins who are going to be worshipped. I had a second thought in buying Yagyopaveetham from shops So, I had already approached one Veda Patashala for procedurally preparing 200 sets of Poonal. 

But they had expressed their inability to get it ready within the stipulated date. I was a bit upset with this answer and was thinking about the next alternative.

Suddenly I saw an unknown person coming to me. He came and stood near me and forcibly handed over a small packet to me. I was extremely irritated with this behaviour and so asked him "Who are you ? Why are you giving this to me?". 

The man asked politely: "Sir, are you sure you are here at Sannidhanam?". I replied: "Yes". 

Then that Person asked: "And You are an Iyer"  - "Yes" 

"You are doing Pujas to iyers. Right ? You may give this to them". Thus saying, the man, just jumped from the steps, again stopped for a moment, looked back- smiled and nodded his head and disappeared into the crowd! 

I opened the bag - it contained 200 Yagyopaveedhams (Poonals) - the exact number which I wanted !

My mind stopped for some time. I was just standing there for several minutes and my mind was totally blank. Had I not leaned down on the railings, I would have fainted ! After almost 15-20 minutes I could come back to my senses - It was absolute peace - but could only listen to the joyous exclamations of the devotees : "Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa!"

My Ego was burnt to ashes with the Jyothi Swaroopan's fire. He always makes me remember that He is there with us to take care of Us !  Who am I to worry? Its He who is making us do things ? I have Only one statement to make ‘Avananri or anuvum asayadhu"