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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Result of Devaprasnam: Sasthalaya Sevanam

Result of Devaprasnam: The Lord is very happy about the re-instation

We have been doing the Sasthalaya Sevanam - renovationg dilapidated Sastha Kshetrams.
(For those who are new you may visit here for the past 3 years...

Ive already written about our involvement with this temple ( Details given here : )

After completing the the mandapam and the Srikovil, we wanted a deva prashnam to be conducted. Only after knowing the willingness of the Lord, we wanted to venture into Vigraham and Pratishta and Kumbabhishekam. 

 The Devaprasnam was scheduled on 23rd June 2014 at the same Sree Vettakorumakan Temple premises.

Our friend Shri.Anish Krishnan Nair who suggested us regarding this temple and ourselves first went to the Krishnan Temple where the present thidambu of Lord is placed and is worshipped. We wanted to get permission from the Lord before initiating the restoration.

As a positive nimitham we were welcomed with the temple's Swami's Seeveli Vigraham. Immediately after this we went to the Kiratha Sastha temple spot and did a pooja to Lord Kiratha Sastha to mark the beginning of the Deva Prashnam. Then Puja was offered to Ganapati, Dakshinamurty and Subramanya and the Rasi devatas (Planets). The Devaprasnam started with the mangalya vasthus given to  the hands of a small girl and she was asked to put those in anyone of the 12 houses after doing puja of Rasi Chakra.   

The devaprasnam, began at 11.00 am after placing a ‘swarnaaroodham’ in ‘Kanya rasi'.The presence of the Lord was very clear and unmistakable - the Lord is Sastha in the form of a hunter ie Vettakorumakan. He is of full power but His full 

potential is yet to be manifested. The presence of the sub-dieties were also made clear. Ganapathy and Bhadrakali was identified and two separate shrines had to be installed. Two sankalpa peetams for Madan and Yakshi was also identified (But no praishtai is required).

The Astrologer Kamalasanan Nair, who headed the devaprasnam, suggested that the Devaprasnam revealed the irregularities and loss of divinity due to the various reasons.

Lord’s displeasure poured out aplenty in the beginning. The Lord is unhappy with the past and present happenning in the temple. But  He is very happy about the future and hence its HE who has initiated the process.

The prashnam also revealed that whoever involved in the devevlopment of the temple without any expectations, will prosper in their life.

Lord Nod for New Vigraham

The present thidambu of the Lord (Kiratha Sastha) is very old and damaged and the Lord favored our request to replace it with a new Stone idol. When the same question was raised about Bhagawati, the Lord refused for an idol but to maintain a Kannadi Bimbam for Bagawati. But permission was given that the Kannadi may be replaced with a new one as the present bimbam is broken. Also a new stone idol has to be installed for Ganapati - with a vlampuri trunk.

The devaprasnam also found that the Lord is not favorable to the mandapam built some few years ago, but there is nothing wrong if the Srikovil's roof and kalasam is raised above the mandapam.

The Lord favored a barricade separating the mandapam and the Srikovil.

It was revealed that the neivedhyam done to the Lord so far had some impurities and ashuddis which had to be immediately rectified.

The devaprasnam disclosed that the deity had a lot of wealth in the yester years and was taken away by many in due course of time. The next stage of Devaprasnam, predicted few robbery and untimely death to the people who have usurped the Lord's property and that would have seriously affected them - this was later confirmed by the villagers.

Meanwhile, the Devaprasnam also listed out certain special poojas to be performed to cleanse the temple and to appease the Lord.‘special pooja’ be conducted to Lord Shiva and Mahavishnu in the nearby temples. Also, special poojas should be offered at the Sarpakavu of Uma Maheshwara Kshetram every Ayilyam.

Finally the devaprasnam got the deity’s approval for the overalll renovation schemes planned for the temple. It was once again made clear that the Lord is happy about the present happenings and He is ready to bless the devotees who takes part in this venture.

Shri Kamalasanan Nair, Parvathipuram Shri. Anish Krishnan Nair and Anandhan Nampoothiri participated in the ritual.

Devaswom Board Srikaryam, members of the temple committe, members of Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam, the village people and few more astroloers were present.

Vettakkorumakane Sharanam Ayyappa !!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Shri Maha Sastha Stuti Mala"

Swami Sharanam

The members of Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam has brought out an Audio Cd on Lord Ayyappa titled "Shri Maha Sastha Stuti Mala" . The CD was released during our Sastha Preethi Mahotsavam on June 2014.

Ancient scriptures and texts praise Lord Hariharaputra as Lord Kalau Sasthru Vinayakau - Pratyaksham Tu Kalau.

The are various vibrant stuits and stotras which praise his glory in several ways. among them, a few rare stutis are compiled in this volume.

Listening to slokas about Lord Sastha - Pratha Smaranam, Suprabhatham, Different Dhyana slokas of the 16 different forms of Sastha brings good things to your home. Sasthru Stavaraja Stotram - the king among the stutis of Lord Sastha is a feast to the devotees. Hariharaputra Sahasranama, Ashtotram and Kavacham lifts the spirits of the devotees.

These prayers will please Lord Bhuthanatha and he will grant us health, wealth, prosperity and Salvation.

This is dedicated to the Lotus feet of Sri Gurunathar and Poorna Pushkala samedha Sri Bhakthaparipala Maha Sastha

The noble mission of recording this Audio CD is to propagate the Stotras of Lord Sastha.

The cost of the CD is Rs.70/-

For copies of the CDs, contact :
Shri. Shrivibhavan Ph: 9487019489