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Monday, February 29, 2016

Sastha Preethi Mahothsavam of Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam Coimbatore Sastha Preethi

Sastha Pratyaksha Chakra Mandala Puja and Sastha Preethi Mahothsavam of Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam Coimbatore
Sastha Preethi

Dates:            11-12 June 2016
Venue:            Ramnagar Ayyappan Puja Sangam Kalyana Mandapam, Coimbatore 12

Respected Devotees, 

Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam feels privileged to write a few lines to everyone of you.

By the divine blessing as the guiding force, we are stepping into this year's pooja celebration - to be conducted as 2 days program at Shri Ayyappan Puja Sangam, Ramnagar, Coimbatore.  

Pujas of yester years were a Mega success,by the grace of Lord Ayyappa. This became possible ONLY due to your overwhelming response, moral and financial support. 

This year's puja is to be conducted with the presence of many eminent personalities. FOR THE FIRST TIME  EVER IN THE HISTORY  _ SASTHA PRATYAKSHA CHAKRA MANDALA PUJA is going to happen at Coimbatore on 11th June 2016

The Invitation copy for this year's festival. 




Written a brief account on this event below

We earnestly request all devotees to attend this auspicious pooja and get the blessings of Lord Sastha.

Those who wish to contribute to this Puja, may send Cheque / MO / DD in favour of :
"Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam" to V. Aravind Subramanyam, Thejovathy, 94 B, Third Street, Tatabad, Coimbatore 12. Ph: 099946-41801

Or You may pay directly to our Bank Account :
Name: "Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam"

Karur Vysya Bank A/c No. 1121 135 822
Nanjappa Road Branch


Canara Bank A/c No. 2988 101 015671
PSG Arts College Branch

Devotees who donate can mail us your Name and Nakshatram and the Address so that it will be included in the Puja and we can send you the prasadam.

Looking forward to your active support to celebrate this function of "OUR" Lord.

Contributions in way of Cash or Kind / Materials :

Flowers Rs. 5,001 (Per Session)

Puja Materials Rs.5,001 (Per Session)
Materials such as Rice Bags, Vegetables, Milk, Coconuts,Oil tin, Ghee tin etc

Annadhanam (Full Contribution) Rs.75,000 (Per Day) or
Annadhanam (Part Contribution) Rs.10,000 

(All these are indicative only) Any small contribution to the above event would make it very successful and obtain the blessing of Lord Dharma Sastha.

For Details You may Contact
Ph: 099946 41801 or 9487019489

With the boundless blessings of Our Baktha Paripala Sri Maha Sastha, and blessings of Ayyappa Bhaktha Ratnam ,Kalpathy Sri C.V. Srinivasa Iyer, we were blessed to conduct many unique events like “Hariharaputhra Brahmana Santarpana Vaibhavam”, "Ashta Sastha Maha Yagam","Vettkkorumakan Paatu", "Sastha Bhuvaneshwara Pattabhishekam", "Kiratha Maha Rudram". 

This year, Shri Mahasasthru Seva Sangam, has ordained to perform the unique event of “Sastha Pratyaksha Chakra Mandala Puja " and the annual Sastha Preethi Mahotsavam, on June 11 & 12 2016.


The Karunyam of the Almighty, Sri Maha Sastha is immeasurable. Our gratitude to the Great Lord can be expressed in many ways. Lord Sastha has taken eight different incarntions in the world for the welfare of mankind.

Manikanda at Sabarimala, Poorna Pushkala Samedhan at Achankovil - each of his manifestations grant different aishwaryams to the devotees. One such form is Prabha Sathyaka Samedha Sastha. In hundreds of temples like famous Thiruvullakkavu, Chammravattam, Thrikkunnappuzha and Thakazhi, Sastha is worshipped as grihastha (married), with wife Prabha and son Sathyaka. In Thanthra Samuchhayam, considered to be the basic text (Agama sasthra) followed in Kerala temples, Sastha is portrayed as grihastha with the dyaanaslokam: "snigdhaaraala visaari kuntalabharam…….

A special puja to the yantram of Sasthya is to be conducted at Coimbatore by our Sangam.

The Sastha Yantra, is a specific pattern of  triangles, circles and petals that is described in the ancient texts. Worshipping the Lord in the form of a Chakra is considered the highest worship because it contains all deities and all divine potencies within it, it brings every kind of blessings.

The chakra has a certain number of triangles, petals or lines that correspond to specific aspects of the Lord’s powers of love, wisdom and pure consciousness. As we proceed through them, we come closer to the central bindu, the source of bliss and divine consciousness where the Lord is seated with his wife and Child.

In the puja, we worship a physical Sastha Yanthra that has been installed in the main sanctum. All the divine energy fields and devatas are represented by physical upasakas. The levels of Divinity with their respective God and Goddesses are invoked into the Upasakas and appropriate pujas are made.

This pratyaksha CHakra Puja manifests the divine vibrations of th Lord and a uniquely nectar-like blessing that can only be experienced, not described.

This would happen only by the divine grace and which would grant Wealth, Health and long life, Happiness, Strength and Courage, Culinary skills, Skills in arts, Success, Happy Family life. 

KARPOORA AAZHI 11-06-2016 Evening

Bagawan Sastha is Jyoti swaroopan. Worshipping him in the form of fire is the Aazhi puja. In the Long route to Sabari, the aazhi puja is done at Udumparakotta, Karimala and Periyanavattam. 

After a ceremonial puja of the Lord, the aazhi (Fire) is created with large quantity of Camphor. The guarding deities of the long route - Sri Bhoothanathar, Karimala Bagawathy, Kochu Kadutha, Karuppaswamy are specially invoked. 

Amidst the complete darkness around - the Lord manifests in the Natural light of Fire - one must see to believe the divinity and vibration of Aazhi puja.

The Aazhi puja happening at Periyanavattam on Makara Jothi day - is a wonderful experience of lifetime. For all those who cannot witness that - the same is brought here -a as commanded by the divine will.

This puja is done as a very special offering as stipulated to please the parivarams of Lord Sastha for invoking their grave grace and Blessings and all negative forces are removed and the devotee is bestowed with all that is good.

SASTHA PREETHI 12-06-2016 Morning

Sasthapreethi is a time tested mode of worshipping Lord Dharmasastha in a very religious way by various samoohams and organizations in and around Kerala, and now in all parts of the country and abroad. The religious pooja is given more importance followed by Annadhanam.

The priest invokes Lord Ganapathi, Ambal and Dharma Sastha and His attendants (Parivara Devathas) on tall brass lamps decorated tastefully. 

After the detailed puja, neivedyam and deeparadhana followed by mantrapushpam a detailed Veda Parayanam is made. After appeasing the Lord with Vedha gosham, the traditional Sastha paattu (Varavu Paattu – inviting Songs) songs are sung. 

While singing, the traditional upasakas or Sthanakaras of the respective deities gets into a trance and gets the supreme power invoked within them. In General Sastha, Chellapillai, Yakshi and Boothathan are the deities who are invited. These Sthanikas are offered respect by the devotees and upacharas are done to them. They are seated on the wooden plank and are decorated with garland and sandal paste. 

They bless the devotees with prasadam and convey the deity's satisfaction in the conduct of the Sasthapreethi. People prostrate before him, get blessed and receive Vibhoothi as prasadam. 

Very rarely a Yajna of this significance and magnitude can be witnessed and the opportunity for the people to actually participate in the worship. It is also done particularly for the sake of washing away ones sins and afflictions, for bringing peace, prosperity and family happiness.

So, the Bhakthas who are taking part in this magnificent event can be assured of obtaining the limitless blessings of Sri MahaSastha and getting all their prayers fulfilled.

May Lord Hariharaputra be with you always, giving you the best of everything.
Swamy Sharanam
V.Aravind Subramanyam